Mr A Pyke


Management Committee Officers

Chairman - Mr M Moss


Hon. Secretary - Mrs S Hurley

Bowls Co-ordinator - Mr I Bowler


Hon. Treasurer - Mr C Hunt


Facilities Manager - Mr J Ruddock

Social Secretary - Mr R Lodge



Development Manager- Mr R Hurley

Bar Manager - Mr R Atton

Welfare and Safeguarding Officer - Mr M Moss

Officers w/o Portfolio - Mr P O'Brien and Mr C Beere

Trustees -


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Bowls Officers


Bowls Administrator - Mr I Bowler


Bowling Secretaries - Mr I Bowler


Competition Secretary - Mr D Lawrence 


Captains - Mr  D Lawrence, Mr R Hurley 

LBA Delegates - Mr J Ruddock

Club Coaches - Mr P Livingstone, Mrs M Butler, Mr R Atton, Mr G Dobson.