Etiquette for Bowlers

A few comments on how you should conduct yourself when playing bowls.



The game of bowls is played in a spirit of good sportsmanship and friendliness.


Regard it as an honour to be selected to represent your club.


Never drop your bowls onto the rink - or sit on the edge of the bank.


Respect all players and remember that we all try to play the game to the best of our ability.


Keep your attention on the game as it progresses and encourage your fellow team members.


Possession of the rink is yours from taking the mat until your wood comes to rest.


When your opponent is on the mat, keep quiet and stand at least one metre behind them when they play a shot.


When joining the head, stand at least one metre behind the head and do not make comments about an opposition bowl before it comes to rest.


Keep to your own rink and do not wander onto adjoining rinks.


Do not make excuses if the green is unpredictable; it is the same for all players.


Be humble in victory and graceful in defeat.